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The Universe in Bite-Sized Chunks

Released: 22 March 2018 (Michael O’Mara)

The whole cosmos in your hands, The Universe in Bite-sized Chunks is your one-stop guide to everything you ever wanted to know about space and our place in it.

Does dark matter keep you up at night? Do alien planets intrigue you, parallel universes confuse you, and black holes fill you with dread? If yes, then this book is for you – all these things, and more, are clearly explained in everyday language for the non-astronomer.

This fascinating book will take you on an astral adventure, beginning with humanity’s very first astronomical observations, and ending with the latest thinking on the most cutting-edge discoveries. Along the way, you’ll learn about the Big Bang and the ultimate fate of the universe, Galileo and Newton, gravitational waves and shooting stars, the Aurora Borealis and the Apollo missions, quasars and dark energy.

With so many intriguing but often mind-boggling concepts to grasp, Colin Stuart uses all his knowledge and expertise to engage the reader and make the subject accessible, providing the very best start to your cosmic voyage of discovery.

Want a signed copy? Order one for £12.99 incl. free postage

(RRP £12.99, UK only)

13 Journeys Through Space and Time

"I would give this book six stars if I could"

Amazon reviewer

“Extra special. An excellent book”

One Giant Read

“Handsome and insightful”




Foreword by British astronaut Tim Peake

Released: November 2016 (Michael O’Mara)

The Royal Institution Christmas Lectures have been a staple of the festive period for nearly two hundred years. I look back at 13 devoted to our understanding of the universe, delving into the historical archives to chart our changing understanding of the cosmos.


Want a signed copy? Order one for £15 incl. P&P

(RRP £16.99, UK only)

The Geek Guide to Life

“This book promises & delivers… it is also by turns fascinating and funny”

Geek Syndicate

“[The authors] have left no stone unturned in their scientific guide to life’s problems”

BBC Focus

Released: October 2016
Publisher: Andre Deutsch

A quirky, fun-filled look at the wackier things that scientists are discovering about modern life. Packed full of research-backed life hacks and tips including how to get ahead at work, having successful relationships and excelling at sport.


Physics in 100 Numbers

“This is without doubt one of the best of the breed”

Brian Clegg

Released: June 2015
Publisher: Apple Press

A bite-sized guide to the theories, experiments and mysteries in modern physics through 100 important numbers and constants. The topics covered range from quantum physics and relativity to astronomy and particle physics.


Why Space Matters to Me

“[An] excellent book – every Primary School and Secondary School on this planet needs it”

Amazon Reviewer

Featured in The Guardian’s Best New Children’s Books Summer 2015

Released: May 2015
Publisher: Red Shed

I explore how space affects our daily lives. From tracking time to harnessing the Sun’s energy, avoiding falling space junk to useful technology originally invented for space use, it’s my manifesto for why we should all care about what’s above our heads (ages 8+).


The Big Questions in Science

“Exciting, mind-expanding and accessible”

Amazon Reviewer

Released: September 2013
Publisher: Andre Deutsch

With my co-authors I take on some of biggest topics in modern science, including dark matter & energy, exoplanets, antimatter, parallel universes, time travel, alien life and black holes.


Big History

Released: October 2016
Publisher: Dorling Kindersley

From the formation of our universe to now, countless major events have changed the course of life on Earth. Big History brings together an incredible range of perspectives, using multiple disciplines including physics and sociology to bring us the story of 13.8 billion years of remarkable history.


The Planets

Released: September 2014
Publisher: Dorling Kindersley

A beautifully illustrated guide to the solar system. I wrote the Sun chapter, including its structure, fierce storms & magnetic cycle, as well as the missions that have been sent to explore it.


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